HTML - CSS加载器动画
Sphere - HTML & CSS预加载器动画是一个干净,美丽和完全构建干净的CSS. 不使用Java脚本. 预加载器很容易定制. 每个人都可以使用这个预加载器...
This set of VAVE Coming Soon HTML5 special pages will be very useful while you're setting up your website. Provided in sixteen different styles to suite any kind of upcoming website, they will help...
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Light Coming Soon模板
Enjoy this light and versatile template for coming soon and under construction HTML web pages. 这是一个产品与响应和详细的设计.此模板包括一个获取订阅者的表单...
一个史诗般的404页面可能不会为你的企业赢得任何奖励. I get it. 但这表明你关心你的客户. 一个好的404页面是展示你的品牌的一个聪明的方式...
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定价表html在非常低的成本. 价格表与5种不同的布局,在网站上使用, template, 公司网站, 商业目的.多用途使用,易于定制. IT...
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这是一个创造性的 & 交互式即将到来,一页模板. . 使用HTML5,Scss和Bootstrap 4以及很酷的jquery插件构建. 您可以轻松地自定义此模板,而无需获得任何模板...


Special pages are automatically generated web pages by a web host to inform visitors about a website malfunction or suspension. 成为与网络用户沟通的一种手段, these pages indicate different types of server errors or inability to reach a given online resource because it is under construction.

It is possible to make a standard 404 error page a little more exciting simply using any 404 page template you may find at Templateog体育首页.com! Unconventional design combined with a catchy slogan won’t leave your visitors disappointed with the fact they couldn’t reach a specific web page. 让人们读一些很酷的东西,而不是简单的“页面找不到”的文本. Any of the error page templates in this collection will help you turn a standard error message into a part of your website content.

In case your current website is going through a redesign, you need to inform your audience about it. So, a Coming Soon Template or an Under Construction Template will come in handy. Use these special pages to tell your site visitors when your new resource will go live. 出于营销目的, use this page for collecting emails or provide outgoing links to your social media.